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Next couple ?

Just Take a vote.. enjoy..

This for COMING SOON couple

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Best intern place? ? which one? ?

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모두들(everybody) 자요(tidur)?

많이 많이 보고 싶어요

클라이드 니뇨만 보쓰 두이 케빈  나시쿤 헨드로 알렉스 키티 틱 볼렉 금혜 말라찬 피아 공주 쏘 보우 창 렉스 팹(my roommate)



as u know im drinking **** as usual

보고 싶어요 진짜 많이요 ㅎㅎㅎ

i can see u guys’ face thesedays, cheer up!  many people need ur help, u guys every one fabulous

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MUD fest(진흙축제) 여행

This is my next weekend plan. Hope we can go together.

This is the link about Mud Festival, please check it,

and how to go there?? i already check the bus price, and the cheapest way is use tour agency

And this is the tour agency,

check out that link 1st.
ill translate it down there

fare : 19,000krw(lunch not included, bus fare, entrance fee, traveler insurance, 1 guide are included)
itinerary : 0630am youngdungpo(영등포) subway stn.
0700am city hall(시청) subway stn gate 2
0730am chamshil lottemart,
chamshil(잠실) subway stn gate 4, 300m
1030am coal museum(take a lift n go down 400m underground)
1200pm reach boryung beach(대천 해수욕장)
lunch time(who will cook there)

1230pm-1650pm free time

tanning, crazy game, banana boat(not free), huge mud jakuzi(pool), making mud soap, mud sliding, mud jail, mud hand printing, mud korean wrestling, mud footsal match, et cetra

1700pm go back to seoul

2030pm arrive in seoul

this crazy festival is well-known to foreigner staying in s.korea. so u will see many cute n smart n gorgeous guys and girls there kkk..

Unfortunately, for Daejeon people, must go Seoul first coz no direct bus there. U guys can come friday night and stay at Forest or Isolated Island or City (Up to u, choose which one better :p). And it’s imposible if go from Daejeon on Friday earliset morning coz the most earliest bus and train will arrive at Seoul on 8 AM. So u guys must go to Seoul before

I think this tour not expensive and worthed. And maybe in the bus, we can play KILLER again. hahhahaa…. so who wanna go, please post comment here before Thursday and just prepare the money :))

thesedays are BIG season in that daecheon beach so every foods are crazy expensive

so i checked good n cheap food

if u guys dnt like it ill show u some more

Some intern have a lot of work to do and some of them free  and some of them god damn busy. 

Sometime we do chat with someone during “free” time. Maybe some of u all have different ratio?

Lets all of us know how your ratio.. hehe..

How about Music? Why not have some free time to listen and learn some korean song during break time..  

Here is latest K-pop weblink, we can hear all the song directly from the website without any player. try to click on it!!

If you all have good music link too, why not SHARE WITH US too and make sure also no need any player to listen too.. ^.^

Also post how your daily work ratio currently or maybe u all have more activities beside work, song, and chatting?  haha   SHARE WITH US…

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First Summer Weekend

Hey guys…

how ur first summer weekend??

enjoy right??

i’m very happy coz can meet with u guys

and i hope we can go together again next week

actually next week i have plan to go Mud Festival on Saturday. I found this festival is very big also looks funny and popular. the festival also take place at beach. very nice place like. i think u guys not enough enjoy beach at Jeju. So let’s try Seoul beach. About the price, transportation to go ther is about 10.000won.

i’ll make sure the price soon. hope we can go together ^^

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(KIST) Headline News: Believe It or Not?

Now time for “Believe It or Not?” breaking news…

Yesterday big event happen at KIST

Someone missing from our group, She not go with us for FREE DINNER… U know FREE DINNER? How can it be? hahha..:))

Even after we finish dinner, she still not yet come. And we can’t do anything and just leave. After that, we go to the downtown by foot. It’s very near, 10 minutes enough. Our forest is very developed :)). But, she also not yet go back?? How come?? So we just go without her….

I dunno what she do until that late. And suddenly today in the morning i get really shock-breaking news from her…

SOMEONE in KIST already MARRIED. U know Chanma la “HE ALREADY MARRIED”. I know how u feel Chanma la. But, this is fact. U can’t deny it. But it’s OK Chanma la. U still have Oriental Medicine guy. One enough i think. Oops… Out of topic. Enough2….

So this is really bad news for us… because the war is over now i think. And i hope Seoul can be peace again.. ^o^

Reported by Hendro, Imaging Media Center, KIST

(Hope u can understand. Sorry if u can’t understand, because my writing score just 50 ToT)

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Repost: News from KINS

Hola everyone!!

I believe the daily routine of our internship is ALMOST the same, like Jacklyn mentioned, [ wake up -> go to Office -> back from work -> have sometime relax/enjoy/continue work -> sleep -> end of the day ]. Maybe during the weekend will be more colourful!! Hopefully.

About 3 of us,

Clyde in planing division which is same with Professor Park and Clyde will meet him everyday. Actually previously Clyde was assign to Nuclaer summer school division but due to some unexpected issue happened, Clyde reasign to Professor Park division. As been told, Clyde will focus on the Development of Business process management System with his supervisor later week and also will assist some of the work in nuclear summer school. Look like Clyde internship with Professor will be very interesting!! fighting!!

Pap! since he is in Safety research division, he will be doing research tasks. Currently, his boss of division in a business trip abroad till next week. So later his boss back from the trip, Pap gonna be assign some more reseach work. As for now Pap doing the learning and reading part. good luck Pap!!

As for me, I’m in Emergency Preparedness & Environment division. I need to do reseach on Robot technologies as a tool to explore radiological and other hazardous, learn c-sharp and learn about the communication protocol of the mobile security center and so so on.. i wish it will be more.. haha. so, as for now same with Pap mostly doing the learning and reading part.

All of the professors and staff here really treat us well. hehe.
wait!! I heard that the Nuclear summer school have a lot of cute guy and girl students there. Clyde maybe you gonna enjoy there soon!! haha!!

LeX reported from KINS

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First Post Again :))


i get the first post again…
hahhahaha… :))

I think u guys really wanna make daily report
how about u post it at this blog
i think more convenient and funny
i think this blog will full with all of our story

let’s enjoy our internship with blogging
especially KIST people ToT

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