Posted by: aseanrok | July 14, 2009

Let’s be Top Bloggers !!! ^o^

Dear all, i think everyone already read the mail posted by miss yeo right!!!!

After the small discussion with hendro, we think we are able to create a blog and join this competition!!

Since we have been to many place at korea, and we will keep going to many place as well, so i think we should not miss this “golden opportunity”.

Korean Culture and Travel place, we went to many place, we have alot of fun together…

Why not?? we shared our joy and fun at Korea to other people. may be it would be useful for our junior next year who come and exchange here..^o^

So, let’s have fun and do it together…we need the support from everyone!!! ^o^

this few day keep raining…everyone take care ourself k….

have a nice day!!! >_<




  1. i wanna do it too
    actually, i wanna come back here again next year kiki

    well let’s do it together
    but anyone knows how to join it???
    plzz tell

  2. yep.. how to do it? TT.TT
    I have freetime ..haha..maybe I can decorate the blog while internship ^^

  3. ehm….i think we have to make an discussion 1st about this!! what style of blog we want to do ??

    **Pap you can decorate the blog 1st….

    We have to divide task..for example, designer, data collection, photo collection, and may be the rating process for the place to go….etc…

    So when we going to discuss??? set a conferences at Skype???

  4. In order to join we have to register at :

    but before register we better have some discussion on it….^o^

    So far only , pap, So, me, Hendro interest on it…who else????

    Respone here…in order to divide the task and so on…

  5. i think i want to join..but give me the details please.. it’s still vague to me..

  6. Yab………….Good idea jacklyn…..But pls vote who will be our team leader and deputy and members……

    Let’s check the day for voting and make a conference………………….

  7. haha…guys..I’m joining the competition…
    we gotta register our blog to the KTO, right?
    I got a new blog…
    or you might visit my crazy thinking at

  8. wow….
    princess wanna join…
    i think princess is the best article writer among us…
    i confidence we can win

  9. Yeah.. totally agree with hendro..

    she is one of them…and Nasikun, Fia and so so on,,

    hehe.. fighting,,,!!

  10. Detail information for the bloggers competition can refer to :

  11. May be i can help u!!
    i will join!!

    The first problem is what is the nationality of us.


    no ASEAN!!

  12. wah so many post ad….haha I get attract by the prizes la…this is a group competiton or individual?? Can anyone tell me?

  13. Oho!!! it is very good for us… i wanna joint too…

    And among ASEAN students, will be the winner of this blog….

  14. wah so many post ad….haha I get attract by the prizes la…this is a group competiton or individual?? Can anyone tell me?

  15. thanks hendro but i think all of us can write for the blog..anyway, is it a group blog? ehehe

  16. i wanna know until when can we join?

  17. I will join for sure.

    But the things are :

    1. I think we have to start right away since the deadline is getting closer.

    2.For job division: I think everyone who should choose by themself according to your interest and ability of course.

    3. We can keep contact by using messenger and making conference: YM, or msn or skype. So no need to worry about it.

    4. About the team leader, or let’s say the manager (the one who organize and manage everything): I think we should decide as soon as possible so that we don’t waste our time without knowing the direction (clueless).

    I think that’s all from me.
    See u guys soon!! keep fighting.
    I believe we will be the winner

  18. Let’s have a meeting tonight 10pm 20 july…so please install the is very easy to install…go internet download the installer and install…juz type in our name to search on the contact…

    Regarding to this competition actually is not in group…but we just do it in group..coz our purpose is not the prize…just want to gather all Asean Student do something together and acheive the same goal…

    The prize is good…but i think the experience for us do the thing together is more important…

    Let’s do it 1st….think the prize later ok????

    Show the power of our Asean Student…ok???

  19. Hello everyone..Im Azizi from Malaysia… I just want to know is anyone of you studying in Chungnam National University now?

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