Posted by: aseanrok | July 13, 2009

The mud festival with SEM club

In this weekend, we have plan to go to mud festival right?
Yesterday Tick went to church and met Ms.suyeong who is a SEM class’s teacher.
and told that SEM club has plan to go to mud festival too.
The cost to go there is quite cheap only 10,000 won each and the bus will leave from daejeon university 8 am. I think it’s including food and transportation. And don’t worry i can reserve the room for everyone. I have my own apartment now haha^^.

So if u want to join just send ur alien card number to my mobile phone or confirm here as fast as possible.

Kittykung eiei



  1. you all Sure wanna go with them?

    how about Chris and Hyung Tae ?

    Maybe they also wanna to come with us..?

    what you all think about it?

  2. SEM songsenim call Chris this morning and invite him to join. So he can go with us
    Hyong Tae still in daejeon?

    SEM is really nice. the 10000won even include food…
    that’s for reserve apartment for us :p

  3. Really!! I wish Hyung Tae will join us too!! can>? he can join too? i will ask him…!!

    Apartment also!??? Man!! thats god damn nice.. hehe.. stay there 1 nite!! good..!! i want to!!

  4. kiki more information!!!
    The 10000 is already included lunch and dinner.
    It’s really cheap…
    I will ask Ms soyong again can hyeong tae join or not?

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