Posted by: hendrolim | July 13, 2009

Second Weekend.. (Dongdaemun, Wolmido, China Town, Incheon Apartment, Incheon Airport, Jamjindo, Muido) ^o^


i just realize we visit so many places this weekend…hahahhaha….

how ur weekend guys???

sorry for alot of change from the plan…And i hope u enjoy this weekend… Really miss u all u guys

hope this weekday pass through fast and weekend last so long. hahahha…

Sorry for Kitti, Bow, Trang, Pap, Jacklin, Chanmala, Both coz i can’t make on time at the airport..

But, i can learn from this experience. So next time i will check more detail again especially about the time.

See u guys next week at Mud Festival. hahhahahha…..



  1. Yeah!! really enjoy… and I’m daejeon interns me , pap and Kitti rush like hell.. to get last bus from incheon bus terminal!! ….

    Haha, i wish everyone can attend the mud festival, following weekend.. ^_^

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