Posted by: aseanrok | July 9, 2009

News from KONICOF and KAERI

Long times ago i didn’t write the news report to u guys, but there are many things happened in KAERI and KONICOF including Daejeon dormitory.

At KAERI, Ni is very busy with event which KAERI organised for the students who want to learn about nuclear energy with specialists. Tick and me went there when we are free (to learn and visit ni’s friends). Ni’s boss is very kind, she treat us with sea food buffet on Monday and Tuesday and today we are going to eat in the hotel(I forget camera T T). Awesome food!!. For me and Tick, after we join the courses on the morning, we would do our presentation, This topic is about all contents of our countries. Not good Not bad for me.T T

I want to tell u a (little) real story.
First, There is a new couple here!!!
I can’t tell the name of them, but the symbol of their names are T from country L and C from country P. It’s very difficult to know the name right? kiki^^

Why did i say that?
There are many evidences that prove they are a couple. Ni, lex, Pap and me saw them hold hands together. Unbelieveable right?! But it’s true u can ask them. kiki

End of the news..
Kitti Meelukchai report from KONICOF



  1. if T from L now is having a new relationship with C from P, then how about N from I?
    so pitty….he is being betrayed by his couple…

  2. N from I is still looking for someone arond here, but her section most of employees are girls so she is so sad kiki

  3. Yeah, Daejeon Knew who are the couple… hihihih

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