Posted by: aseanrok | July 8, 2009


Being hungry at the middle of the night with nothing to eat? Willing to cook but cannot stand the laziness pulling our body from the kitchen?

DUY has the answer! It’s simple. Delicious. Eatable. Most Importantly: Makes you feel fool!

Guys..Incheon might be the craziest city to have internship. Nice for crazy guys like duy, nasikun, alex and both. haha..

anyway, we just want to share a story of madness..a natural binding of laziness, madness, and hunger. That was what happened to one of us (the Vietnam mad-man). In the middle of night, he was so hungry and lazy. He wanted to cook but he couldn’ afford to do it. His body was just rejecting to do so. Therefore, he invented a new method. Simple and Crazy (it’s kinda smart anyway)..

What he did was.

  1. He took one egg out of our fridge
  2. Then he went to the kitchen and took out one small bowl for the egg
  3. I thought he was going to fry that egg. But what happened??
  4. Instead, he was just breaking the egg’s shell, and put both white and yellow parts of egg to the bowl
  5. then he just put that egg INTO MICROWAVE for several seconds-minutes
  6. Then took it out and EAT IT
  7. What’s wrong with this guy?

that’s the cool thing of might try to eat that kinda food. it might be nice…haha..right duy?

~Incheon Mad Interns~


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