Posted by: aseanrok | July 7, 2009

MUD fest(진흙축제) 여행

This is my next weekend plan. Hope we can go together.

This is the link about Mud Festival, please check it,

and how to go there?? i already check the bus price, and the cheapest way is use tour agency

And this is the tour agency,

check out that link 1st.
ill translate it down there

fare : 19,000krw(lunch not included, bus fare, entrance fee, traveler insurance, 1 guide are included)
itinerary : 0630am youngdungpo(영등포) subway stn.
0700am city hall(시청) subway stn gate 2
0730am chamshil lottemart,
chamshil(잠실) subway stn gate 4, 300m
1030am coal museum(take a lift n go down 400m underground)
1200pm reach boryung beach(대천 해수욕장)
lunch time(who will cook there)

1230pm-1650pm free time

tanning, crazy game, banana boat(not free), huge mud jakuzi(pool), making mud soap, mud sliding, mud jail, mud hand printing, mud korean wrestling, mud footsal match, et cetra

1700pm go back to seoul

2030pm arrive in seoul

this crazy festival is well-known to foreigner staying in s.korea. so u will see many cute n smart n gorgeous guys and girls there kkk..

Unfortunately, for Daejeon people, must go Seoul first coz no direct bus there. U guys can come friday night and stay at Forest or Isolated Island or City (Up to u, choose which one better :p). And it’s imposible if go from Daejeon on Friday earliset morning coz the most earliest bus and train will arrive at Seoul on 8 AM. So u guys must go to Seoul before

I think this tour not expensive and worthed. And maybe in the bus, we can play KILLER again. hahhahaa…. so who wanna go, please post comment here before Thursday and just prepare the money :))

thesedays are BIG season in that daecheon beach so every foods are crazy expensive

so i checked good n cheap food

if u guys dnt like it ill show u some more



  1. VOLEAK! ur parcel in hendro’s room

  2. Really… ok… see ya there…
    Probably, i guess forest better!! hehe!!

  3. Hendro, do i need to go to Seoul or incheon first?
    From this site, i saw that Daecheon beach is nearby Daejeon and spend 1.50 hrs to go there

    But i think i need a guide here kiki^^

  4. yeah…
    actually the beach closer Daejeon than Seoul
    but there’s bus to go there directly
    coz no highway…
    if from Seoul, there’s a highway to go there
    that’s why must go from Seoul

    and actually it’s same u wanna go to Incheon or Seoul. It’s ur choice wanna stay at forest or isolated island :)).
    Maybe u can go together with Lex

  5. This is the latest news about who will join this fest
    Isolated island,
    duy, chanmala, both, nasikun and princess will go…
    So and her thai friend also will go, but not together with us

    Me, Jacklin, Kevin, fia, Voleak will go
    all forest people try to move to beach. hahhaha

    City hall,
    Bow, Trang

    Rural area,
    Lex, Kitty, Jong woo

    almost all of us will go…

  6. i’m not sure na Hendro..
    May be i will go by myself and ask someone to bring me there kiki..

    May be i’ll stay with pap.
    I don’t want to leave him alone.
    pap and me will have time together… privately….

  7. oooo…
    what ever u do, don’t do it on my bed okay…. ToT

  8. finally Alex join with us….
    so Isolated island people also completed… ^o^

  9. oh pap n ni said they will go-
    (pls kitti lets go together)
    clyde can’t
    n there no KTX early in the morning
    so we will go to seoul on friday night
    or take 2:30am train on sat.

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