Posted by: aseanrok | July 6, 2009

1.0Internship = 0.8Work + 0.1Korean Music + 0.1Chatting

Some intern have a lot of work to do and some of them free  and some of them god damn busy. 

Sometime we do chat with someone during “free” time. Maybe some of u all have different ratio?

Lets all of us know how your ratio.. hehe..

How about Music? Why not have some free time to listen and learn some korean song during break time..  

Here is latest K-pop weblink, we can hear all the song directly from the website without any player. try to click on it!!

If you all have good music link too, why not SHARE WITH US too and make sure also no need any player to listen too.. ^.^

Also post how your daily work ratio currently or maybe u all have more activities beside work, song, and chatting?  haha   SHARE WITH US…



  1. for me
    if i can finish the presentation, i will almost free….

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