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Let’s be Top Bloggers !!! ^o^

Dear all, i think everyone already read the mail posted by miss yeo right!!!!

After the small discussion with hendro, we think we are able to create a blog and join this competition!!

Since we have been to many place at korea, and we will keep going to many place as well, so i think we should not miss this “golden opportunity”.

Korean Culture and Travel place, we went to many place, we have alot of fun together…

Why not?? we shared our joy and fun at Korea to other people. may be it would be useful for our junior next year who come and exchange here..^o^

So, let’s have fun and do it together…we need the support from everyone!!! ^o^

this few day keep raining…everyone take care ourself k….

have a nice day!!! >_<


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The mud festival with SEM club

In this weekend, we have plan to go to mud festival right?
Yesterday Tick went to church and met Ms.suyeong who is a SEM class’s teacher.
and told that SEM club has plan to go to mud festival too.
The cost to go there is quite cheap only 10,000 won each and the bus will leave from daejeon university 8 am. I think it’s including food and transportation. And don’t worry i can reserve the room for everyone. I have my own apartment now haha^^.

So if u want to join just send ur alien card number to my mobile phone or confirm here as fast as possible.

Kittykung eiei


i just realize we visit so many places this weekend…hahahhaha….

how ur weekend guys???

sorry for alot of change from the plan…And i hope u enjoy this weekend… Really miss u all u guys

hope this weekday pass through fast and weekend last so long. hahahha…

Sorry for Kitti, Bow, Trang, Pap, Jacklin, Chanmala, Both coz i can’t make on time at the airport..

But, i can learn from this experience. So next time i will check more detail again especially about the time.

See u guys next week at Mud Festival. hahhahahha…..

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Where should we go after Internship for having fun?

Where do u think is the most remarkable place for us to go ^^??

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Final result of “Next couple?” poll and New poll.

Massive fighted between
Both & Chanmala” vs “Both & Trang “vs “Duy & Chanmala

but the next couple most probably will be……

Both & Chanmala ” with 31% as show from the poll result.
Following by ” Both & Trang ” and then “Duy & Chanmala”.


Hope you all enjoy.

New poll!

Enjoy it… !

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Next POLL!

“Next couple?” poll will close on 12pm Friday 10 July 2009.

Before it close, Just vote as you wish. The result will out after it closed.

Current standing:
1. Both & chanmala
2. Both & Trang(mommy)
3. Both & Cambodian girl

Next pool..
give some suggestion for next poll (gossip poll)
hope you enjoy.

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Sorry Incheon guys & Good news

Sorry Incheon guys

Unfortunately, yesterday i ask jong woo.. and he said it’s impossible u can arrive to the station on time from Incheon. Because the bus is too early go.

So the solution is u guys must stay at City or Forest on Friday night. Coz it’s closer to the subway station. So i hope u guys wanna come to forest or City πŸ™‚

I just remember u guys have trip to Seoul on Friday right? So just come visit us and stay with us. No need to comeback again… maybe this is good idea

And i also have good news…

the fare become cheaper 16000won.., coz we cancel go to coal museum. Jong woo also say coal museum not nice. But Incheon people still need to stay @ Forest or City. Sorry can’t help…

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News from KONICOF and KAERI

Long times ago i didn’t write the news report to u guys, but there are many things happened in KAERI and KONICOF including Daejeon dormitory.

At KAERI, Ni is very busy with event which KAERI organised for the students who want to learn about nuclear energy with specialists. Tick and me went there when we are free (to learn and visit ni’s friends). Ni’s boss is very kind, she treat us with sea food buffet on Monday and Tuesday and today we are going to eat in the hotel(I forget camera T T). Awesome food!!. For me and Tick, after we join the courses on the morning, we would do our presentation, This topic is about all contents of our countries. Not good Not bad for me.T T

I want to tell u a (little) real story.
First, There is a new couple here!!!
I can’t tell the name of them, but the symbol of their names are T from country L and C from country P. It’s very difficult to know the name right? kiki^^

Why did i say that?
There are many evidences that prove they are a couple. Ni, lex, Pap and me saw them hold hands together. Unbelieveable right?! But it’s true u can ask them. kiki

End of the news..
Kitti Meelukchai report from KONICOF

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Being hungry at the middle of the night with nothing to eat? Willing to cook but cannot stand the laziness pulling our body from the kitchen?

DUY has the answer! It’s simple. Delicious. Eatable. Most Importantly: Makes you feel fool!

Guys..Incheon might be the craziest city to have internship. Nice for crazy guys like duy, nasikun, alex and both. haha..

anyway, we just want to share a story of madness..a natural binding of laziness, madness, and hunger. That was what happened to one of us (the Vietnam mad-man). In the middle of night, he was so hungry and lazy. He wanted to cook but he couldn’ afford to do it. His body was just rejecting to do so. Therefore, he invented a new method. Simple and Crazy (it’s kinda smart anyway)..

What he did was.

  1. He took one egg out of our fridge
  2. Then he went to the kitchen and took out one small bowl for the egg
  3. I thought he was going to fry that egg. But what happened??
  4. Instead, he was just breaking the egg’s shell, and put both white and yellow parts of egg to the bowl
  5. then he just put that egg INTO MICROWAVE for several seconds-minutes
  6. Then took it out and EAT IT
  7. What’s wrong with this guy?

that’s the cool thing of might try to eat that kinda food. it might be nice…haha..right duy?

~Incheon Mad Interns~

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seoul subway map n info

it might be helpful for u guys, as a worker n traveler

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